Canadians and Americans alike are victims of shrinking average home sizes. With a reduction in living space, life has also gotten busier, and safety concerns have risen. How are modern adults and families able to store valuable possessions and win back living space, in a streamlined and efficient manner, while avoiding the risks associated with long exposures to public environment

Our Plan

Rent@Me is a platform that connect potential storage users with individual renters

Individuals with excess space can advertise their empty rooms, garage, or other facilities for rent, at a reasonable price. The platform will enable easy access to all available listing  . through its sophisticated search options. Rent@Me will match users with a list of space they can rent in their neighborhood

Executive Dashboard

Customer journey


 : Problem

North Americans are running out of two of the most valuable resources: space and time. As house prices increase, North Americans have seen a decrease in average home size. This means that most renters and new home owners have less storage space than their predecessors. In fact, the median size for an apartment built in Toronto is nearly 40% smaller than those built in the 90s

 : Solution

Rent@Me is a peer-to-peer platform designed to help connect storage space renters and rentees. In a few simple taps, a renter can search available rental spaces near them, evaluate between several suitable options, and select and pay for their unit. What traditionally meant an hour long discussion at a service desk, and maybe even a wait in line to be service, is now possible in just a few short moments from the comfort of the couch. Renters can then ensure that their move in time is convenient and safe.